Our  Client Testimonials

“Working with this company was a wonderful experience. They provided 3-4 months of social media for a specific event for 4-5 social media platforms as well as onsite social media for event. Professional, knowledgeable, and totally customer service driven!” Dr. Taunya L.

Doctor of Sociology

“Shantha Wetterhan is an incredible individual to not only work with, but to work for as well. She is professional, talented, knows her business and market very well, works with and caters to each individual company’s needs specifically, and absolutely makes sure that you have everything you need to succeed.” Carol S.

Photographer, Salt and Light Photographer

“Competitive Edge has been an great partnership for our company. We do not have the time to blog, tweet, etc. and it is so very important that we have social media to increase our brank awareness. Shantha and her team are efficient and professional. We are very appreciative”

Diana Younts

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